Roasted Rooibos - Loose Leaf Tea

Rooibos is a plant from South Africa known as the 'Red Bush.' Its appearance as a whole is not dissimilar to that of a lemongrass bush. When harvested, the plant's grassy shoots are chopped down and then left to wither and finally oxidize, giving the Rooibos as we know it, its final bronzed colour feel. Rooibos is one tisane that is great when consumed both hot or cold. Its also a herb, therefore, it is caffeine-free.

The flavour profile of Rooibos is a full-bodied malty flavour that resounds most with people who enjoy a hearty black tea but are looking for a less caffeinated experience. Rooibos is one of the highest yielding botanicals containing anti-oxidants that actually rates higher than any tea. It is very helpful in counteracting the harmful effects of radiation caused by the myriad of digital screens and interfaces we use every day in our busy working lives.


Earthy caramel tones