Home Run Coffee Pods

Our same specialty grade coffee, in an environmentally friendly, delicious pod. We’ve combined our love for ethically sourced, delicious coffee and sustainability. 100% certified biodegradable and home compostable, no special processing facility is required here whatsoever! 

Let’s be frank, capsules cannot ever replace espresso. You’re using a vastly different ratio of coffee and water to espresso. The concept between the two, therefore, is very different. Treating them exactly the same makes no sense. What’s required is a different approach to pods. In order to deliver you a pod coffee we can stand by, these required a different approach.

Smaller is tastiest when it comes to capsules, so let’s ditch those oversized home ceramic cups to retain the most flavour in your cup. 

We recommend 25ml for your smaller-sized cups and 40ml for your larger drinks. Any additional water is only diminishing your tasty brew and extracting undesirable flavours. Programming your machine is a breeze and can be found in your manual.

Extracted correctly you’ll be left with a rich, smooth and well balanced cup of coffee, all from a compostable and biodegradable pod! Not bad, not bad at all. 

Nespresso Compatible 
Brew Guide:
20ml & 40ml