Umsning Artisan Black Tea

Tea by Ripple Tea Effect Co. 

Rich & Complex 

A full-bodied highland black tea that is rich, complex, and aromatic with a deep amber toned liquor.   Subtle smoky aromas are complimented with malt, burnt caramel, stewed fruit, and dry-spice flavours. A mouthcoating and satisfying tea, that can be enjoyed black or with a dash of milk.

This tea is carefully crafted by a small village co-operative in Meghalaya, a neighbouring state of Assam in North-Eastern India.   The leaves are plucked during the summer flush, when the seasonal rains come and when moisture content in the air contributes to its larger leaf size and intricate flavours.  Withered indoors, hand rolled and oven-baked in batch sizes no larger than 5kgs, it offers a glimpse into the traditional flavours of a very specific region, while supporting a revival of artisan and organic tea production.


Preparation method:
2.5g per 150ml of water
Temp: 95-100oC
Infusion: 2-3 mins
Rebrew: 1 time
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea


Tea Information:
: ~1400 masl
Region:  Meghalaya, India
Harvest: Summer Flush
Environment: Organic and Biodiverse
Farmers: Umsning Village Co-op